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Completed Projects


Below is a list of the projects we have completed, along with the annual savings for each.


Name of Facility Location Annual Savings
Greenleaf Paper Products Phoenix, AZ $22,393.00
Bonded Logic, Inc Chandler, AZ $18,596.00
International Bedding, Inc Tolleson, AZ $6,115.00
ITC Manufacturing Co. Phoenix, AZ $26,527.00
Monterrey Tile Co. Chandler, AZ $4,567.00
Power-One Inc. Phoenix, AZ $12,038.00
Superior Products, inc. Chandler, AZ $14,611.00
Taser, Inc. Scottsdale, AZ $3,048.00
United Fibers, Inc. Chandler, AZ $19,802.00
Woodgrain Distributing Inc. Phoenix, AZ $6,030.00
Sherwood Bedding Phoenix, AZ $6,713.00
Tech Mold Mfg. Tempe, AZ $27,561.00
Monte Lucia Resort Parking Garage Paradise Valley, AZ $15,146.00
Consolidated Container Corp. Phoenix, AZ $17,625.00
Arizona Golf Resort Mesa, AZ $4,738.00
Best Western Dobson Ranch Mesa, Az $17,316.00
Econo-Lodge of Tempe Tempe, AZ $3,116.00
Budget Suites of America Mesa, Az $9,324.00
Apartment Complexes
Fountain Villa Phoenix, AZ $10,124.00
Los Compadres Phoenix, AZ $23,856.00
Maridale Glendale, AZ $13,416.00
The Village Phoenix, AZ $7,670.00
Pinewood Village Phoenix, AZ $12,191.00
Regent Park Tempe, Az $6,916.00
Whispering Pines Phoenix, AZ $34,051.00
Arbor Creek Phoenix, AZ $15,452.00
Broadmill Tempe, Az $6,094.00
Camelot Phoenix, AZ $20,329.00
Casa Mia Phoenix, AZ $5,658.00
Estancia Del Sol Phoenix, AZ $31,044.00
Los Roblos Phoenix, AZ $4,967.00
Orange Arbor Phoenix, AZ $17,994.00
Santa Fe Tempe, AZ $6,580.00
Desert Sun Phoenix, AZ $3,638.00
Norwood Village Glendale, AZ $12,693.00
Cibola Scottsdale, AZ $2,229.00
Flagstone Tempe, AZ $69,446.00
Palms on Scottsdale Tempe, AZ $1,868.00
Phoenician Palms Phoenix, AZ $30,012.00
Alanza Place Phoenix, AZ $7,480.00
The Park in Tempe Tempe, AZ $29.130.00
Arcadia Del Sol Phoenix, AZ $17,225.00
Casa Bonita Phoenix, AZ $11,108.00
Emerald Apartments Mesa, AZ $32,380.00
Bella Solano Phoenix, Az $19,448.00
Cabana on McClintock Tempe, AZ $2,595.00
Cabana on 24th St Phoenix, AZ $7,324.00
College Town Tucson Tucson, AZ $10,125.00
College Town Tempe Tempe, AZ $36,865.00
Highland Gardens Phoenix, AZ $17,387.00



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